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RTRPO is a provider of Business continuity management, planning and disaster recovery services. Our systems and services ensure resources are available and managed at all times, providing service level contracts for availability of systems and processes for organisations.


We work on a three system level of planning depending on a client's budget, aspirations or regulatory requirements.

Three identified levels of service: Construction of plans for managing and negating the effects of a risk, through planning, management and automatic implementation of resources and utilities.

Alignment of planning: Alignment of continuity plans, systems and processes to mirror the BS25999-2:2007 and ISO27001 standards. Prior to certification or as a measure of achievement, up to and including internal audit.

Full certification: Certification to BS25999-2:2007 and ISO27001 internal audit and preparation of system and processes prior to BSI auditor visit, to include full certification, with conformity management, culture and policy management system to allow full embedding and ongoing training identification for the organisation.

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